Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson

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Cage Kafig Fucks Tate Thompson

“Just because you’re bipolar, it doesn’t make you crazy”, Tate explains as he describes his condition to Kage. Tate says that as long as he is medicated he’s “ok”. Kage begins to undress, unveiling those sexy tats; making me wonder if he thinks he has a cure for Tate. Word has it that he’s a rough fuck but having been topped four times, maybe, just maybe, Tate can handle it. Let’s get started!

Tate lays back. “Relax, just relax, it’s going to be good”, Kage promises right before taking Tate’s cock into his mouth. Kage successfully gets Tate to relax; leaving only his dick stiff. His eyes begin to water while working Tate’s dick, but that doesn’t stop him. When asked “how is it?” Tate says that Kage’s blowjob is a close second to the one he received from Jason Matthews. Is that a challenge? Uh oh!!! Straight boys and bruised egos equal trouble every time! Kage begins to really get into it and moments later he has Tate admitting that he’s taken the #1 spot. Now it’s Tate’s turn to prove himself as a cocksucker. He easily takes Kage’s entire dick in his mouth. Kage watches in wonder with one arm behind his head. “Apparently you’re enjoying this a lot” Tate says while tasting precum. Kage’s rock hard dick is all the testimony we need. He pulls his dick, wet with saliva, out of Tate’s mouth. “You ready to get fucked?” he asks.

Watching Kage strap and lube up his big cock, Tate begs for him to be gentle. I wonder if his plea will work. Tate bends over on the bed and Kage gets right to work. Tate barely has time to arch his back before Kage is pounding away. Kage, after all, has a reputation for a reason. His forceful fucking is hard enough to make Tate’s dick jump and hit his abs. Kage seriously has no mercy and he continues to batter Tate’s insides. “You keep hitting that spot, I’m going to cum” Tate declares. Kage forces Tate onto his side and gets back to fucking his hole. Tate’s expressions tell it all. The slight pain and immense pleasure are plastered all over his face. He once again asks Kage to slow down, fearing that he will cum too soon. Kage obviously doesn’t take requests. He just keeps up the pace. He makes it clear that he is the one issuing orders as he drags Kage to the edge of the bed and continues to bang the life out of him. Tate tries to hold it together but Kage isn’t having any of that. He grabs Tate’s dick and begins to jack and fuck him at the same time. Kage gets redder and redder as Kage unleashes on that ass.

Finally, cum flies from Tate’s dick! Kage gets in a few more strokes before he snatches the condom off and paints Tate’s chest white with his own man cream. “Dick drunk”, “numb”, and speechless Tate taps out when offered a round two with Kage.

If I ever meet Kage I think I’ll challenge his manhood too ;).

Watch Cage Kafig Fuck Tate Thompson

It’s fun, sex is sex.

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Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Ronan is already back and he’s going up against the one and only Damien Kyle. This will be his first time fucking a guy and he’s got the bottom master for an instructor. I sincerely hope he’s up for the challenge.

The boys start off with some playful kissing before removing their clothes. They rub each other’s cocks as they make out. I’m happy to see that Ronan isn’t shy about kissing dudes. They continue to kiss as they jack each other off on the bed. Ronan takes some initiative and begins to suck Damien’s meaty pole. The kid is able to get most of it into his mouth. He gives Damien just enough head to get him going. Damien takes control and takes Ronan’s monster into his mouth. Ronan roughly smacks Damien’s ass as Damien aggressively slobs all over his cock.

Afterward, Ronan straps up while Damien lubes his ass, preparing for the pain to come. Ronan tries to stick it in but finds that his cock is too big and that he will definitely require more lube. That’s a good problem to have! After getting it nice and slick, Ronan rams his fatty back in Damien’s ass. He pounds him good, causing him to grunt loudly. “Take that cock” Ronan commands. Damien repositions to his back and puts one leg into the air to allow Ronan’s dick full access to his insides. Just when I think Ronan’s doing one hell of a job, Damien contradicts me by saying “That’s all you got? Let’s Go!” At that Ronan picks up his fucking pace and starts battering Damien’s boy box. These are two verbal little fuckers! Damien finally releases a huge nut. Ronan soon follows suit, by firing a mega load of his own that reaches up to his chest. Being the cum hungry bottom boy that he is, Damien licks some of Ronan’s cum up and feeds it to him with a kiss. Good boy!

Watch Ronan Kennedy And Damien Kyle

Horny in the morning

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Romeo James fucks Skyler Daniels

The veterans Romeo James and the oh-so-handsome Skyler Daniels are on set and are clearly ready to fuck. AS soon as the scene starts and clothes come off its obvious that these two need a morning release. They begin by kissing each other’s lips and bodies. Skyler stands on the chair and changes on while Romeo blows him. Romeo pleases Skyler’s rock hard dick with those luscious lips and warm mouth. Skyler turns around and Romeo gives his sweet hole a good tongue lashing. Skyler’s ass is practically feasted on by Romeo.

Once on the bed; Skyler swallows Romeo’s dick whole. Seriously, he gives one of the best blow jobs I’ve seen in a while. Skyler licks and sucks all over Romeo’s meaty shaft. Romeo lubes up and Skyler slides his hot ass right onto the dick. Romeo jacks him while fucking him from below. He then puts Skyler on all fours and lets that ass have it! He strokes Skyler’s booty nice and deep. When the boys finally bust they squirt warm gooey loads all over Skyler’s body.

That’s what happens when dudes wake up horny.

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Got milk?

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Zeno Fucks Vadim

Zeno Fucks Vadim

Two of the hottest boys that BSB has to offer: Zeno and Vadim have been paired together. Vadim has moved to south Florida where it’s hot and sticky (in more way than one I’m sure). Zeno has a new girlfriend because his old one couldn’t quite cope with his career. But his new one seems to be fine with it. Hopefully she won’t feel too threatened by how he fucks Vadim’s hot little ass.

The boys start off with some intense kissing and dick play. Vadim sits on the chair while Zeno gets a mouthful of his juicy cock Vadim’s dick swells in Zeno’s mouth. Zeno munches on the cock and plays with Vadim’s balls. Zeno only takes a break to taste Vadim’s lips. Once Vadim is nice and hard, he begins to tease Zeno’s pierced nipples with his teeth and tongue. Vadim then gets on his knees and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes and almost swallows Zeno’s cock whole. He really goes after it. Vadim swivels and bobs all over Zeno’s big cock, making him moan softly.

“Are you ready to fuck?” Zeno asks. Of course he is!

Vadim bends over and let’s Zeno get him nice and lubed. Afterwards Zeno squeezes his entire shaft inside and instantly has Vadim wailing. Zeno’s man bat is perfect: big enough for a challenge but too big to induce unnecessary pain. Vadim’s moans are a testament to this. Zeno slaps Vadim on his ass as if to claim it as his property. Zeno drills Vadim’s hole from a couple of angles before they’re both ready to burst. Finally, Zeno rips off his condom and fires his load right into Vadim’s mouth, leaving cum all over his lips! This sends Vadim over the edge and he releases some nice milky spunk onto his abs.

Vadim is quickly becoming BSB’s new resident bottom slut. Hopefully we’ll get to see Zeno train that booty again.

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Allan, Bruno

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Allan and Bruno end up at this secluded, romantic hotel that is certainly the type that you would go to for a weekend getaway. It’s a pretty extensive resort, and they start off by exploring. Soon enough though, Allan and Bruno break off by themselves in their rooms, and that’s when they start getting passionate with each other. Bruno happens to be one of the room service guys, and he is wearing one wild outfit. He does end up being one entertaining fuck in bed, though. He takes a dick like no one I’ve ever seen.

Cedrik, Lorenzo

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These horny young bucks meet up at the house for a discreet homosexual rendezvous. Both of these guys act straight in their day to day lives, so it’s a great relief for them to be able to relax in private and let go of their gay sexual inhibitions! They get nude on the couch, leaning over to take turns sucking on each other’s dicks. Those meaty cocks taste great, especially when the first drops of salty precum start to dribble out! Hardcore anal sex is next on the agenda, and the guys alternate between fucking each others’ tight assholes. They conclude the scene lying next to each other as they both jerk themselves off.

Why are you so bouncy?

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We start with Tyler bouncing up and down on the bed. When asked why, he responds “because I’m getting fucked in the ass.” Indeed he is! I’d be bouncing up and down today too if I was going to get fucked by Skyler.

The boys take off their clothes and begin with some heavy petting and kissing. Skyler sits Tyler onto the bed and begins to suck his cock. Tyler’s blow job skills are some of the best that BSB has to offer. This takes Tyler’s full shaft down his throat and barely lets it out of his moth. Skyler stands up and Tyler returns the favor. He licks and swallows, leaving Skyler speechless.

Tyler gets on all fours on the bed and Skyler quickly finds his way to his hole. He wastes no time and starts pumping that ass fast. Tyler’s ass accepts Skyler’s entire rod and takes it. Skyler puts him onto the side and continues to drill his insides like he’s mining for something. The look on Tyler’s face says it all. He is a perfect mix of pain and pleasure. Once Tyler is on his back it doesn’t take long for him to release a huge load. Skyler pulls out and fires off an even bigger wad of hot man milk.

Watch?Skyler Daniels Fuck Tyler White

Ian in control

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Here’s a combo we haven’t seen in a while: Kaden Alexander and Ian Dempsey. But there’s a small twist, today it will be Ian doing the fucking. I love watching Kaden’s tight, muscular, mixed ass get fucked.

After some hot kissing Ian finds his way down Kaden’s dick and takes all of it down his throat. Kaden sounds pleased, but that doesn’t stop him from fucking Ian’s pretty little mouth. Once his cock is soaking wet with saliva, Kaden pushes Ian back onto the bed and wraps his lips around his pole. Kaden goes ham; sucking like a dick starved junkie. He must be anticipating a pounding form Ian. He gets spit all over Ian’s rod.

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Ian Dempsey Fucks Kaden Alexander

Speaking of pounding, once he’s had his fill of Ian’s sausage Kaden lubes it and slides right on top of it. Riding reverse cowboy style, Kaden takes every inch of that dick. Over the years Kaden has not only gotten used to taking dick but may be growing to like it. He grinds and winds on Ian’s pole, thoroughly enjoying himself. Once Ian’s is in control, Kaden is bent over the bed and deeply plowed. It’s nice to see that hole opened wide. Once he’s ready to cum, Kaden’s fat dick releases a thick wad of cum. Ian pops off a nice load himself, getting Kaden nice and wet.

Watch Ian Fuck Kaden

Damien Wallace, Charles Aspen

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A hot blond hunk meets a slightly older Latina gay guy through an Internet dating site. He gets him over to his house, and the submissive Mexican immediately drops to his knees and starts fellating him. “Hell yeah, this is fantastic!” thinks the blond guy. The studs move to the bed for some steamy cocksucking, and then the Latina fella bends over doggystyle and invites his friend to tap him in the butt. Needing no prompting, the blond guy absolutely reams him, making him scream as his strokes him deeply with his prodigious, dribbling wang. It’s not long before both mans are spraying ejaculate all over the walls and ceiling – there’s lots of cum!

2 x 2= Cum on my computer screen

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And another BSB orgy! It’s about to go down. This time we’ve got Vadim, Brandon, Zeno, and Blake. This is an interesting mix of guys and I can’t wait to see who’s going to do what. Let’s get it in!

The boys quickly lose their clothes and pair off; Vadim with Brandon and Zeno with Blake. It’s a scene of opposites attract as the smaller boys are all over their taller counterparts. Brandon quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s’ dick. He gets on his knees and begins to suck Vadim’s dick. He is soon joined on the floor by Blake who wraps his juicy lips around Zeno’s thick cock. Vadim is audibly pleased; verbally letting Brandon know that he’s doing an excellent job. While getting their dicks slobbered on, Vadim and Zeno begin to kiss. The boys transition into a cock serving chow line: Blake on Brandon, Zeno on Blake, and Vadim on Zeno. I would say me on Vadim but I think my invitation got lost in the mail L

After some very filling, sausage swallowing the boys move over to the bed. Brandon bends over and offers his ass to Blake while Vadim sits right on Reno’s cock. I’ve seen a lot of great asses on BSB; but Brandon’s is quickly making it to the top of the list. That beautiful bubble ass bounces right off of Blake. While watching those fleshy gloves get worked, Vadim demands that Zeno fuck him harder. Zeno of course obliges and begins to pound those cakes from below. Wanting to join in on Vadim’s rough treatment, Brandon smacks and playfully chokes him while continuing to get his hole drilled.

Our BSB boys are always down to share. Zeno makes his way over to Blake while Brandon gives up his booty to Zeno. Vadim works Blake’s dick over with his mouth before getting bent over the bed and pummeled from behind. They transition to Vadim getting spit roasted by Brandon nad Blake, while Brandon happily sucks Zeno’s dick.

When it’s time to cum these boys CUM! They all fire their loads all over Vadim. All except for Brandon, who shot his hot jizz right into Vadim’s pretty mouth. Hell even my load hit Vadim, albeit on the screen.

Hot, hot, hot scene boys!

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